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 Delhi Call Girl represents a story of a housewife escort lady who had joined this escort profession three years ago. She was a divorced lady, in order to survive, used to get fix money from her husband but she was longing for a physical relationship and for that she was looking for an opportunity.

She always wanted to make a contact a young guy with whom she can enjoy this physical pleasure, at that time she was 29 years old, she was most attractive and having busty figures.


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A day, while she was feeling much horny, and she was looking for a guy to make a relationship, she searched man seeking woman and made a contact a guy who was a professional escort guy like playboy, in order to satisfy a woman he charges 5k around for whole night, she did not want to pay just she saw an advertisement women seeking for men, she thought to make a register her profile name by Delhi Call Girl, she just posted a free classified advertisement, and found that a guy made a call her after an hour, she was feeling much sensual, the guy had no much money to afford her, but did not want to earn money, she wanted to earn just physical pleasures.


They were two guys, both were indecent and using abuse words, they did not take any service before that, they had no experience to deal an escort lady, they are threating her, she called them at the hotel, because she did not want to show her home to them, they came to hotel, both of them were in drunken and abusing them, the hotelier did not allow to give room due to their behavior, she realized that she should not go with them, she fired them and stayed at the hotel, because the manager had already  contacted them, they are fired and she was said to wait, the managed wanted to hire her, she stayed at his hotel and made a deal with manager, such as manager whenever got a deal from the guest just called her, such as she played the role of a Call Girls in Delhi, three years ago she joined Delhi independent Call Girls club and she has been working as independent  call girl.


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