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Rules for taking a break from writing an essay


  1. Go outside

And do something there. Anything. Kick the pebbles (this will be natural homework). Or have fun on the playground with swings (we call it a PE class). Whatever they do, they just do it outdoors while moving.

  1. Read books

In any case, reading for a child, like my youngest daughter, is always homework. How great it would be if you could read a book that interests you and read without feeling like a bard over your head, and not writing an essay all day long. For a more effective vacation, parents apply for essay writer services so that their child can fully rest.

  1. Play (fight) with your brothers and sisters

It is true that siblings playing with us always ends in bloodshed, but I would like them to spend more time together, and not write an essay that was assigned at school. It's good that parents know that there is help from essay authors ( in such cases. They could teach each other so much, two babies are such a separate world, it would be good if they grew up not only being able to tear each other's hair on Saturdays and Sundays.

  1. Have fun with a voice recorder

One of their favorite games that really brings them together is ripping out my recorder and giving each other all kinds of useless interviews that make them laugh. Then, of course, I’ll also laugh at them, after an annoying line, don’t post my things, otherwise they’ll ruin them anyway. They like it more than sitting all day writing a boring and not interesting essay in their opinion. It’s good that even the children themselves know that help comes from authors ( who give more time to children to do their own thing.

  1. More housework

Obviously, none of my kids will reward that point in an understandable way. But I think that by doing the required things together, they will learn a lot about responsibility, caring, working together, compromises, and many other things that are really necessary for life. Now, at most on weekends, I can ask them to join me, although they must receive their share every day.


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