pure and organic saffron powder guide for consumer

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Saffron is an elegant, luxurious spice and it’s also one of the most misapprehended as there is much confusion between organic saffron powder and saffron threads and from the false marketing and a lack of education around how saffron is grown, harvested and why it’s so important to purchase authentic saffron. Saffron is a spice grown in particular Saffron is a spice which is grown in particular climates  across the globe but the world’s premium saffron and majority of the world’s saffron is grown in the Middle east. 

The main difference between using saffron powder and saffron threads is that saffron threads do not need to be soaked or activated before use, whereas the threads must be soaked in water and activated first. Saffron powder can be mixed into a recipe like any other ground spice. Both of these methods deliver a golden glow, and only genuine saffron delivers the distinctive aroma and flavour which has made saffron sought after for centuries. 




When shopping for saffron powder, make sure you purchase it from a correct place or a right website as powdered saffron may be cheaper than the threads but, in powdered saffron, there is a chance of mixing other spices like paprika, turmeric. So Organic saffron powder is the best choice to go and it'll be more convenient to use. 


How to use saffron powder?

Remember! It can be watery quickly in any kind of warm liquid or water and then added to the food. Use half the amount of powdered saffron if your recipe requires saffron threads. Use powdered saffron instead of threads when you don’t really want to see the threads in a dish.  


Benefits of Organic saffron powder

Saffron powder offers many advantages over the threads. It intensifies the flavor of all your meals and beverages and gives them a characteristic golden yellow color, which will make every recipe more tasty, crave to eat, appetizing and healthy. Saffron powder can release aroma, color instantly and evenly. Saffron is convenient to use and can be directly added to dishes without toasting or pro-soaking. Grounded saffron or powdered saffron dissolves easily into the foods, evenly flavoring the complete dish and the powder can be measured easily. 




What kind of saffron do we offer to our customers?

We sell only organic saffron powder. We have sold what we believed was good quality saffron from other countries over the years. And as always, everything in the ounce, five and two gram containers we sell is 100% pure saffron. There may be a little yellow or white on the threads, to show that it hasn’t been tinted, but it’s a very short portion, because the threads need to be cut to breath out; however there are no other plant parts mixed in with the red threads of the saffron crocus plant. This is the only part of the saffron crocus, which produces the saffron, the red stigmas. The way saffron-grading works is that the lower grades have more style left attached to the stigma. 


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