When Should You Pick Out Wedding Rings?

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A wedding ring symbolized your trust, confidence, attachment, and commitment towards your partner. It is sacred and a very special entity for both the bride and the groom. Contrary to what a lot of people believe in, a wedding ring can be worn on multiple occasions.

Some people think wedding rings have no use after the conclusion of their wedding day. Therefore, they keep it in the safe confines of their locker and never take it out again throughout their lives.There are many suitable occasions and events for which you can pick out your wedding ring. Personal attachment and emotional value aside, a wedding ring offers you great value for money in a lot of ways.

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Here are some of the occasions, apart from your wedding day, you can pick out your wedding ring from:

Wedding Anniversary

Whether you are celebrating 50 years of togetherness or a year of your wedding, a wedding anniversary is a very special occasion for a couple. Since your wedding ring is a symbolic representation of the bond between a couple, both the husband and the wife could wear their wedding rings again to celebrate this special occasion. If the two of you haven’t planned such a thing, you can surprise your spouse by wearing it on your anniversary day.


A honeymoon is the first vacation that a couple goes on after their marriage. If you have had an arranged marriage, this is the time during which you will get to know your partner better. Wearing your wedding ring during the honeymoon period is not very common but a good idea nonetheless. Since you are still celebrating your marriage, wearing your wedding ring while going on your first post-marriage trip with your partner would be a very sweet gesture. Since you will be traveling extensively, just be a little more careful about the safety of the ring.

Family Gatherings

You could pick out your wedding ring and wear it when families from both sides come together for a gathering or celebrate something. While one shouldn’t exactly be wearing something to show the world, the family members will definitely be delighted when they see one of your fingers adorning the ring you had worn on your wedding day. Such gestures add more warmth and positivity to a family gathering.

Couple Trips

These days, even couples who have children plan trips wherein the only two people involved are their partner and them. Taking exclusive couple trips helps in keeping the relationship strong and exploring your relationship with your partner in a more meaningful way. Since romance and travel is what these trips are going to include, wearing your wedding ring would be a very good idea.