Birthday Cakes - New Themes, New Trends

These days, birthday cakes are mostly synonymous with unique designs and showy decorations.

These days, birthday cakes are mostly synonymous with unique designs and showy decorations. Some people want to create their decorations from scratch, while others are intimidated by the complexity. Even if you are afraid of ruining your birthday cake, you should choose a theme. Then it will be easy to choose the right decoration. Creativity is in everyone's nature. If you don't have the courage to make the decoration yourself, you can buy plenty of decorations from your local bakery. Simply bake a cake at home and decorate it with ready-made edible decorations.

Many people believe that the magic of food starts in the eyes before it can work in the mouth. In other words: If something is really visually appealing, it will automatically look delicious. Birthdays should be fun. Regardless of age, everyone should be able to enjoy a birthday cake. Depending on the age, there is a multitude of birthday cake designs that can be made with professional help or simply at home.

Edible images: One of the most popular themes these days is cakes with photo prints, with which you can surprise your guests. High definition 100% edible images are printed on the icing using edible food-grade inks. Some print shops offer kits with cake design software, so you can design your own cakes at home. If you're not sure, you can call in the professionals. If you search the Internet, you will find sites that will be happy to help you, just follow the instructions.

General: probably the most creative of all the themes. It allows you to go beyond your imagination and create something truly wonderful. Just make sure that the cake decoration is beautiful and age-appropriate and that the recipient is touched by your thoughtfulness.

Boys: All boys love something that is not "girly". In this case, you can choose themes like reptiles, Angry Birds, airplanes, or Disney's Cars. You can also choose a theme based on your favorite superhero, comic book character, or your favorite sport.

Girls: Girls not only like "girly" themes but are sometimes attracted to "boyish" themes as well. Many also want the same things as their siblings for their birthday. Therefore, they may choose the same theme for their daughter (if she is not so girly). However, they will be able to reference it in their own way. Best birthday cakes designs for girls are flowers, princesses, dolls, and unicorns.

First Birthday: Your child's first birthday is a big event for parents, family, and friends. As soon as your child has learned to understand his environment and recognize different objects, it's time to introduce him to the colorful world of his imagination. A zoo-themed baby animal cake is sure to catch your one-year-old's eye. Cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh and Disney characters are popular first birthday cake designs.

Key dates: Celebrating age birthdays in a glamorous way is very important for a person, as it is a memory that lasts a lifetime. Therefore, consider decorating the cake in a way that not only gives meaning to the person but also expresses the importance of the celebration. A photo cake seems to be the best choice for such an occasion, but a cake with a general theme is also acceptable.

As your loved one slowly climbs the mountain of old age, the need for support increases with each passing year. After all, not everyone is excited about "growing up." That's probably why someone invented the birthday cake: You can diet for 364 days and stay young. If you feel old for 365 days (or six), celebrate with a hearty, melty, sad birthday cake.