How do I get A Driving License in the UK?

Official Legit Document provides the best possible assistance to those who seek professional guidance for how to get UK driving license. To drive into a vehicle on UK public roads, you must have a driver's license. Here we explain the UK driving license application process.

If you turn seventeen in the next three months, you can apply for a DVLA Temporary Driver's License. The law states that you must be seventeen to drive a car, but you must only be sixteen to drive a motorcycle or moped. You can apply for a temporary license as long as you are at least 15 years and 9 months old.


To get your first temporary UK driver's license, you must be a UK resident, with minimum age and minimum vision requirements. If you need glasses or contact lenses to meet vision standards, they must be worn every time you drive or you commit an offense.


British two-part driver's license

If your application for a temporary SIM is accepted, you will be given a green card with a photo. This photo is important and will be needed in the future. So keep it in a safe place. You will need a card with a picture of your driver's license for driving theory and practice exams. After passing the practical driving test, your green photo card will be sent to you and replaced with a pink photo card with a full driver's license.


Rules for Temporary Drivers

Temporary drivers need to have someone to supervise them driving. The person must sit in the front passenger seat and be able to drive. You must be over twenty-one years of age and have a full driving license for the UK within the last three years. Students must post an "L" sign on the front and back of their vehicle and are not allowed to drive on the autobahn.


There are different types of driving licenses in the UK. , so it's important that you only drive vehicles that are permitted by your driver's license. If you have a valid driver's license and wish to drive a large vehicle, van, or bus, you must complete the DL1 application form and DLM1 medical record. Medical records must be filled out by a doctor. Once you have obtained a temporary driver's license for the new category, you can take the test and upgrade your driver's license.

Your photo license must be renewed every ten years. DVLA will remind you of this before your current SIM expires. Provided you have submitted a valid application and your license has not been revoked for any reason, you can continue driving until you receive your new driver's license.