10 Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

The performance of your social media & other fundraising channels depends upon how efficiently your nonprofit website design is defined. But, if you are thinking about how to do it! You’ve come to the right place.

We have enlisted the top 10 best nonprofit website design pr


68% have redesigned or created a whole new nonprofit website within the last three years to adhere to market trends.

Where are you!

The performance of your social media other fundraising channels depends upon how efficiently your nonprofit website design is defined. But, if you are thinking about how to do it! You’ve come to the right place. 

We have enlisted the top 10 best nonprofit website design practices (along with a few bonus tips) concerning branding, copying, navigation, design and website conversion that will ease your questions. 

Essentials Of Nonprofit Website Design

Building a non profit website desin can amplify your cause’s message loud clear but can be a tedious task. So, we have enlisted the best practices to boost your nonprofit website design.


Let's take a peek!

Choose A Impactful Content Management System(CMS)

In all likelihood, your team is not made for web development or coding experts. So, If your organization has little experience in web design, you need a good nonprofit content management system that is affordable and easy.

To give you a glimpse, 60% of nonprofits worldwide use WordPress as their website’s content management system. 6% use Wix. 5% use Squarespace. 

Our Suggestions:

  • If you are having a very small budget try Wired Impact, Morweb or FireSpring. website templates built specifically for nonprofits using WordPress. 
  • If you have an affordable budget, you can reach website agencies specifically for nonprofits, like Janbask Digital Design, Bureau for Good, Elevation etc.

Prioritize Consistency Of Your Brand Image

When was the last time you updated your website? Is it outdated? Don't worry! with little homework, even you can reach the top with ease. Here’s how.

Our suggestions:

  • Create a Style guide: 

Colour scheme, font style, size of images, graphics. In short, what your eyes are first drawn to.


  • Decide the tone: 


Will it be formal, friendly, encouraging, urgent, informative etc? 


  • Include Responsive Design:


Today, 94% have a website that is present and optimized for mobile browsing. In the coming decade, there will be more smart viewing devices so it's important to have a responsive design.

(Pro tip: Search for “website design trends 2022” to add an intelligent layer of creativity)

Simplify Online Donation And Forms

“Simplicity is the best policy”. Which is the essence of any good nonprofit organization. Nobody wants to be insecure or feel hassled during the payments. So, here are some suggestions to make the online donation and forms smooth seamless. 

Our Suggestions:

  • Display the “Donate button” in your primary navigation so that it's featured on every page of your website.
  • Simplify donation form with minimum details of the person(name, phone number, mail address and amount of donation).
  • Keep the donation process on the same site to avoid any insecurity they may feel if transferred to another webpage.
  • Integrate your website and your CRM to eliminate the need for manual data management

Call To Action Should Be Loud And Clear

Donate, become a member, join the movement or sign up for an email list. Whatever your call to action is, it should be loud and clear. So, the next moment they are ready they hit the button. Here are some tried and tested suggestions you can follow.

Our Suggestions:

  • Use large font size buttons for calls-to-action.
  • Make sure your CTA is visible at the top and they don't have to scroll down for it. 
  • Limit CTA to 1-2 per page.
  • Make the action compelling. (For i.e ‘Donate now’ can be ‘Save Lives’)

Make Navigation Effortless

In the digital world, things change in a matter of seconds. If the user does not find what it's looking for in a few seconds they will abandon it. So, here are some suggestions to overcome this issue.

Our Suggestions:

  • Make it simple, structured using powerful CTA. (i.e Feeding America has 5 primary sections, without a drop-down menu but very powerful fonts and clear message)
  • Use of Creative Color scheme ( For eg: use of dark green background with drop-down menus having single column)
  • Fast loading page across all smart devices (mobile, PC, iPad etc).
  • Keeping navigation titles between 1-3 words
  • Use of heavy language or jargon should be avoided. 

Add Authenticity By Adding Testimonial And About Your Team

What makes a person believe what he/she is doing is good or not? Authenticity and honesty.

Our Suggestions:

  • Showcasing Your Portfolio, telling about your team.
  • Highlighting stories of real people served through your organization
  • Testimonials of how your organization helped change people's lives.

Maximize Your Message With Impactful Fundraising Channels(E-Mail, Social Media, Etc.)

A video, a supportive post or even a message with a powerful cause. Social media can be turntable in a day.

Our Suggestions:

  • Integrate email with your website add a subscription box that allows users to subscribe to your newsletters.
  • A prompt that asks people to join your community, asks to follow blogs or channels.
  • Social sharing buttons, where they can personalize the title, text and photo that will be generated and displayed on social media. (i.e social snap)

Prioritize Use Of Compelling Videos Informative Images Over Text

“A picture is worth a thousand words and a video in millions”. People are after all visual species, a graphically engaging content will keep the donors interested. 

Our Suggestions:

  • Use emotionally charged, high-resolution images which don't slow your site speed.
  • Use a few images and videos which convey your message seamlessly. (use staff, guests, volunteers, fundraising events, etc.)
  • Use plenty of white space for the content to breathe.

Prioritize Investment In Web Security 

27% of nonprofits around the world have experienced a cyberattack (phishing, hacking, malware/ransomware, etc.). In 2021 alone, 86.2% of organizations have at least faced one cyber attack. So, here are some of our suggestions that will help you deal with cyber-attacks effectively. 

Our Suggestions:

  • Use a powerful password and alter it every month.
  • Choose a quality web host. Anything less will cost you millions of data and trust breaches.
  • Use the tokenization method to store your donor’s details
  • The donor payment system should be safe and updated.
  • Keep your website updated with the latest security features.

Reach More With Impactful SEO Optimization

37% of nonprofit organizations actively implement a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy on an annual basis. Among these, 9% include voice research. Interestingly 75% of people don't go past the first page of google search. But don't worry, here are some suggestions to take you to the top. 

Our Suggestions:

  • To understand your traffic use Google Analytics.
  • Keep engaging content and provide fresh content regularly.
  • Also, if your content is not mobile-friendly google does not enlist them in search results.
  • Install an SSL certificate on your website. Otherwise, Google will classify the site as “Unsafe”.
  • Encourage visits, use your nonprofit organization’s keywords consistently in the headlines and body of channels, blog posts and newsletters.

Bonus Tip:

Make The Most Out Of Your Website Sidebar

Consider the sidebar of your website as a free advertising option. You can include powerful CTA i.e “Save lives” feature key content i.e “other ways to help” or a message “Ban Animal Slaughter” etc.


Whether you are a “Small or Mid Size Non-Profit Organization" interested in serving the disadvantaged section of society with memberships and generous donations or an “Enterprise-level Non Profit” pursuing sustainable development objectives with program management and government grants. We have covered you with the 10 Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits.

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