How to Pull Off Mid Century Modern Furniture

In today's design world, the mid century modern furniture movement is a hot topic. However it can be tough to find exact pieces that stand out from all of the other designs available. Here are a few tips on how to pull off mid century modern furniture.


One thing you may notice about this style of furniture is that they have one or many pieces that are usually very thin and long. A great way to pull off mid century modern furniture is by adding just one really thin piece of furniture into the room. This will be the main focal point in this style of design.

For example, Emmett Mid Century Modern Bed Frame - Metal Headboard , Aico Brushed Aluminum Bed Frame, Silver

Another great way to pull off mid century modern furniture is by adding a ton of plants and greenery. This will help add a touch of nature into your design and will again draw the room's attention more towards this focal point.

For example, round coffee table with glass top .

Another characteristic of this style of furniture is that most of it has a wood grain. While this may be tough to recreate in this design, it's definitely worth mentioning because in some situations you can get away with using a white wash on your pieces.

For example, the Woodstock Dining Table - Dining Room Furniture from Room and Board . This table is available with four , six or eight chairs.

Another great characteristic of mid century modern classic italian sofa is the sleekness. Most of the pieces are very simple and have a smooth texture to them, especially in the legs. This can be tricky to mimic in this design, but there are some things that you can do! For example, you could try painting your legs with a glossy black paint.

Another characteristic is the use of certain materials like metal, wood or plastic. If you can't find an exact match to your original piece then you could try using a mix of these materials like the Aico Brushed Aluminum Bed Frame, Silver .

It's also worth mentioning that mid century modern furniture usually has very clean lines and hardly any small details to distract from the overall design. You can look for pieces that contain these qualities to help match the style in your design.

For example, Round Dining Table Set by Authentic Models . This set comes with four chairs which will help add an air of elegance into your dining room.

Another tip is that in most cases not all of your furniture in this style needs to match. For example, if you're looking for a bookcase in this design then there are many options that you can go with. You can try finding one that is much longer than it is tall like the MDF Tall Bookcase .

Or if you prefer something shorter, check out the Emmett Mid Century Modern Bed Frame - Metal Headboard . This bed frame is only one foot tall, making it a great option for any guest bedroom.

In summary, there are many small details that make up this style of furniture. If you can find pieces in your design that resemble these qualities, you should have no problem pulling off a great looking mid century modern room.|

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