Path of Exile: Initial Plan for Harvest Crafting

With the release of the new expansion, Path of Exile will make some further changes to Harvest Crafting.

With the release of the new expansion, Path of Exile will make some further changes to Harvest Crafting. Before detailing the upcoming changes, Grinding Gear Games explained the initial realization of Harvest and the design concepts surrounding objects and craftsmanship. Players can purchase Chaos Orb to build unique handicrafts.

Using currency items such as Orbs of Worship or Orbs of Chaos on your equipment is a powerful, adventurous and exciting way to improve. However, since these items work well on both low-level and high-level equipment, it is usually best to save them until the final equipment is made. Many players even argue that it is better to save them in exchange for processed items. In either case, using valuable currency items on your leveling equipment is generally considered not optimal.

The developers of Path of Exile want to try a system that allows you to make items (using equivalent currency, such as noble spheres) while leveling, so that players can use valuable POE Currency without regrets , They missed the future value. Their goal is to make a system so attractive that players can try to improve their items by throwing some crafts at them in almost every area where they play.

At the end of Harvest development, it became clear that this was a very powerful production system. We achieved our goals, and then we achieved some goals. The question is whether we should let it fail before the players see it, or try it in an all-out game. GGG tries to obtain data from players interacting with very powerful craftsmen, which is very helpful for proper craftsmanship level in "Path of Exile 2".

As a result, Path of Exile introduced a powerful system, including some crafts, which modified the merchandise in a more specific and deterministic way than previously allowed. After participating in the league, the technical aspect was immediately hit. Players can purchase POE Chaos Orb when leveling, to easily fill in the blanks in their buildings, and make many mirror items.