How to Wear Your Jewellery

An earring that is well-fitted and dangling draws you to look at your shoulders which is the most noticeable aspect that ages many women. However, dangling earrings that are long on women who has long hair may appear messy and unorganized. tiny earrings on a woman may create a "fat-n

Show your personality

Everybody is different, but they all can be the best version of themselves, and express the individuality that lies within them. Therefore, let the jewelry you wear reflect your personal style The bold jewellery is best worn by strong women, and delicate jewelry on delicate women.

Pay attention to your top characteristics

Chokers (36-38 cm) catch the attention of the viewer towards the neck. Don't wear them unless you've got an elongated neck. Lariats, especially longer necklaces create the bust as the focal area, while the very long rope-style necklaces draw attention to the entire body.

Earrings that sparkle or hang from the ceiling will draw attention to your face and the bracelets and rings on the hands and arms. Be careful when buying earrings and necklaces. Instead of selecting shapes that match the contours of your facial features, opt for styles that contrast with the face's shape (although not in extremes). When your face's shape is round, consider round-shaped pendants and earrings, and play around with moderate-length dangle earrings. Faces with angular shapes are best accentuated by round jewelry - necklaces and hoop earrings. Earrings that are large can appear unnatural when you have a smaller face with thin features or with short-cut hair. The hair that is piled high provides the perfect opportunity to sport long earrings or dangly ones.

An earring that is well-fitted and dangling draws you to look at your shoulders which is the most noticeable aspect that ages many women. However, dangling earrings that are long on women who has long hair may appear messy and unorganized. tiny earrings on a woman may create a "fat-neck"-look while big "button" earrings are fabulous for a woman with gorgeous hairstyles.

These dramatic cocktail rings look attractive on large hands with large fingers, however smaller women can wear them with ease if they confine them to just only one piece at a. A combination of two or three small rings is suitable for smaller women. Large women should stay clear of small rings completely.

If you are small in stature wearing large or a lot of pieces of jewelry can make you appear childish, but if you're an adult small jewellery pieces will be out of your sight and make you appear even more imposing. Wear jewelry that is proportional to your body. This can help you to unify your appearance.

Extravagant jewels - uncluttered clothes

The most elegant necklaces look great with plain necklines. The bold, heavy jewelry goes perfectly with power suits and trousers and long necklaces with the current cardigans and sweaters. Feminine and delicate jewellery can be worn with elegant or breezy dresses.

When selecting jewelry, look for colors that complement the hues of your clothes. The jewelry you wear should be coordinating with the fabric of your clothes. A heavy necklace isn't the best choice for the thin silk blouse. It is better to go using a few chains or even a single strand of pearls. White pearls of classic design aren't often paired when paired with heavy denims or however a long baroque-styled strand of colored pearls might be just what you need to complete casual styles such as this. In the same way the length of the necklace should match your collar. Chokers can be worn with a neckline that is very deep however, if you pair it with a turtle neck or a high neck shirt, it can appear overcrowded.

Jewelry items that you pair

The purchase of sets of jewellery allows for easy pairing. Earrings, necklaces or bracelets, as well as rings designed to go together ease the burden of deciding what will work best with what. Beware, however, that having too many matching pieces could appear not cute enough to put on. Earrings that are matched to either a necklace or bracelet with a matching bracelet look great. A necklace can be paired with an earring and earrings make an excellent match for bracelets. If everything is exactly as a set it could become boring and lacking in creativity.

If you want to combine personal treasures, keep in mind the following rule of thumb. Patterns, styles colors, materials, and styles work best. In addition, if part of the ensemble is lavish, the rest of the elements are better left unnoticed. This provides your outfit with the focal point you need and stop individual jewellery pieces from being competing to draw attention. A striking necklace is best paired without earrings, or with a small stud or button earrings (or with matching earrings). In the same way, bold or long earrings look better with the necklace, or with a delicate necklace composed from the same essential components.

You are free to mix jewellery made of gold and silver, but be sure to think through the mix. For instance, bright silver and gold chains paired will give an elegant but boring monochrome outfit. Be careful not to pairing a silver necklace gold jewelry and the reverse. In terms of the metals, it's entirely up to you to decide on which to select depending on your personal taste hair colour, eyes and hair and what size you have in your purse into consideration. On the whole, however, silver jewellery is thought to be a commonplace item and is not always appropriate for formal events.

What to do with your jewels for men


Every man's jewelry should be of a high standard. A quality watch is a man's first choice of an accessory for fashion. In very conservative settings, wearing a watch with wedding bands could be the limit of fashion. The most important thing to remember in these situations is to choose an outfit that matches your outfit and is appropriate for the event. A stylish watch will work well with any outfit, but avoid wearing trendy or sporty watches with formal attire , or when you are in a formal setting.


Every man should have at minimum one necklace in their fashion accessory collection. A silver or gold chain reflects a sophisticated and powerful look. It should be a perfect fit with the neckline of your chosen shirt. Should the pendant be larger, it should be worn modestly beneath the shirt, rather than be slung over the shirt in a noticeable way. In actuality, all male jewellery , such as necklaces, watches, bracelets and even the occasional earrings are best placed in a manner that they pop out so gently and attractively under clothes.

Necklaces for men should be strong and uncluttered, not overly cluttered, messy or heavy. If you're a woman consider the size of your physique into account. If your chain appears not thick enough in comparison to your body's weight, it can make you appear unattractive, while if it's too thick you'll appear like you are earning a great living out of your own racketeering enterprise.

Apart from chains made of gold and silver, you can also choose an elegant and trendy leather or rubber necklace that is adorned with metal or wood beads. These necklaces work best with plain long-sleeved or plain t-shirts. tops. They are an excellent way to update and enhance your appearance for formal on Fridays or important events or before heading to the trendy nightclub. Numerous famous people have worn them, the most famous ones being Latin lovers-to-be Enrique Iglesias and the actor Brad Pitt. Necklaces like these can add some sexy appeal to your style when worn with appropriate casual dress code.


Rings needn't be limited to wedding bands. A simple ring can be elegant and elegant indeed. For chains, the dimensions of the ring must be proportional to the size of your body. If the ring appears to be too big in comparison to your fingers, it can look extravagant. Do not wear stones or metals that are in conflict with other pieces of jewellery or clothing.

Apart from the classic finger that is a ring located on the left side of your hand, you could also wear a ring around your pinky finger, middle finger or, for braver men you can wear it on your thumb. Nowadays, nobody is concerned about which finger you wear the bandage on, as long as the ring is well and is a good match with the other pieces of your attire. Be simple and don't decorate every finger with an ring.

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A bracelet is suitable for casual or formal wear. For formal attire, pick an elegant, classic design which can be worn with other jewelry that is worn, for example, an earring or watch. A man's wristband should be around his wrist and should not slide up and down his arm or hang over his hands. While chains made of metal are suitable for the majority of occasions, beaded or made-of-woven bracelets are more athletic and fashionable and are best suited for casual wearing.

Cuff links

Cufflinks can give the impression of paying attention to the details in formal settings. Choose cuffs that complement your outfit along with other jewelry. Don't wear a bracelet that has cuff links because it could make the bracelet look cluttered and the links could catch each other.

Tie jewellery

Bars, tie clips or tacks are all options to making sure your tie doesn't wander into the mud. The choice you make will depend to a certain degree on the fashion trends. If practicality and comfort are your primary concern for you, select a basic style that will go well with the majority of your outfits.


Teenagers, girls and rock stars also wear earrings. If you're not among the fortunate ones, you need to take a look at the image that the earrings convey. A lot of women consider earrings worn by men inappropriate and not their style. But, if you think you could manage it, put on a small , simple silver hoop or diamonds on one of your ear. A helpful tip men wearing identical earrings are extremely stylish. It's guaranteed to make every woman over the age of 15 laugh each time.


While the jewelry might look trendy, it is important to be aware of the social context and your culture in your mind. Lips, tongues eyebrows, nipples, or lips are likely to create an obnoxious and unprofessional look that can look inappropriate in a lot of occasions.

Keep your jewellery clean

To maximize the value of your jewellery, maintain your jewellery in a neat and well-maintained. Also, be aware that gold and silver can be soft and brittle metals and can be scratched and dulled over time. It is therefore a great idea to present your jewellery to your goldsmith and be professionally polished and cleaned every now and then. The goldsmith also checks the settings of stones are secure. A once-a-year check is appropriate for jewelry that you will wear frequently.

Be aware: Clean and well-kept jewelry can be an excellent accent to your outfit, while damaged and worn pieces are sure to hinder the look you've put so much effort to attain.

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