The Inability to See Abstract Truth

"The Greatest Ones Are Those Who Knowledge" - Richard R. Powell

"He who doubts is Worthless," - Will to Power. I like that quote

"The Greatest Ones Are Those Who Knowledge" - Richard R. Powell

"He who doubts is Worthless," - Will to Power. I like that quote. It's from The Science of Getting Rich. It's very powerful. I don't buy the whole premise. Still, I do find it interesting that there is a gentleman who doubts the foundation of the universe while those who believe It is the greatest cannot see a problem with the government or with society and indeed with all of creation.

"There's more to losing your head than winning it," - Hall of Famer John Elway. I think most Americans understand this famous line from any sport where they have to take a knee before heading out to catch a ball. Of course most Americans understand the full philosophical and psychological implications of this statement when Elway reflects on his near misses in the ring. However, I wonder how many of them really understand what ignorance is?

"He who thinks himself to be ignorant is afraid of what is true and knows nothing." ~ Abraham Lincoln. That may very well be true, but did our founding fathers ever realize that they were ignorant of something? Did they know nothing about the revolution that would one day tear apart the country that they helped create?click through the following internet siteis to say, if they knew all along that their system of government was flawed and unfit to serve the American people, why didn't they do something about it and prevent it from happening?

"He that ignores the ignorance of others will himself become ignorant." ~ William Hazlitt. I think it bears repeating, perhaps to the new generation of American baby boomers who need to ditch the "I was born rich" rhetoric for a "I was born poor" one. For example: "While I was working in my factory floor job spraying labels off the boxes of boxes, a young factory worker bumped into me and cracked a leg. I broke his leg."

"He who believes he advances beyond the pale of his station will soon be swallowed up by his fellows." ~ Martin Luther King Jr. You see, those who claim a status of "ignorance" have a problem because they refuse to see where they are - in fact, they insist upon viewing the world through the wrong eyes in order to advance. Such persons need to look inside themselves and ask: Am I viewing the world as I should view it? Do I truly understand what I'm saying or are my perceptions warped by ignorance?

"There are no social values - only social conventions." ~ Henry David Thoreau. Can there be any more self-evident truth's than that? How can we claim to value something that disregards the very idea of value itself? Can ignorance be bliss? And is that so, since a mind which cannot see is of little use to anyone, let alone those who claim knowledge of what is beyond the purview of normal human experience?

"For want of knowing, friendship is dear; for want of friendship, peace is lost; for want of peace, the laws cease to reign." ~ Henry David Thoreau. Is mankind cursed with ignorance? Think on this.

"He who thinks in his own mind and not in God, is soon to be a miserable slave, unhappy in his own estate." ~ Benjamin Franklin. What true lesson can we draw from this? To fear God is to fear one's own mind.

"You will remain mad because you do not know how to please your taste. You will remain mad because you do not know how to use your gift." ~ Harry Emerson Fosdick.

"Only knowledge can teach you to appreciate the world and the wisdom that is inherent in it." ~ Albert Einstein. He may not have been a doctor, a rocket scientist, a math whiz, or anything like that, but he had a profound way with words and he was a master of communication. Those who disagree are mere ignorant. Those who embrace his wisdom are enlightened.