Enter Code at www.amazon.com/Mytv

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Enter Code at www.amazon.com/Mytv

Go to Amazon's official website or type www.amazon.com/mytv into your browser's search box.

You will be asked to login to your account after you have entered the site.

If you don't already have one, go to Add Account and make one.

You will be prompted to input a six-character Amazon registration code after logging into your account.

Your gadget is registered with Amazon once you input your registration code.

Visit www.amazon.com/mytv to register your Smart TV.

* Turn on your gadget or television.
* Open the Amazon Prime app on your phone.
* On the Amazon website, go to amazon.com/mytv and click Register.
* Your Registration code may be found on the left side of the screen.
* Write down your code and input it on Amazon's website.

www Amazon com mytv On your television, enter the activation code.

* First and foremost, you must have the legal permission to use the Amazon Prime app on your television.
* Sign in using your Amazon Prime account credentials in the centre.
* Your TV screen will then display a six-letter prime video activation code.
* Make a copy of the 6-digit activation code now.
* Now open your browser and navigate to www.amazon.com/mytv.
* After completing the preceding procedures, input the six-letter activation code into the sports ground Registration Code.
* Finally, you will have successfully enrolled and activated Amazon Prime using Amazon MyTV.

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