A donation is a gift of money or property made to a nonprofit organization to assist it in achieving its goals in exchange for nothing in return.Discover the great feeling of joy that comes from spreading warm holiday cheer to underprivileged children and families. Charity Gift Ctalalog gu


 You are donating by choosing a gift from this catalog. These gifts provide every child with the best possible chance of success. Each contribution in this catalog represents resources, services, or support for programs delivered around the world.



Giving an animal to someone is like giving them a little company, as they may provide wool, milk, eggs, and other products. Animal gifts can help households gain access to medication, education, food, and a stable source of income.

Your animal donation will help families who are in need. It is up to you which one you select. You Can help the family by giving them animals. The list of animals are:

Goat, cow, sheep, Ducks, Pig, Chicken, Birds, Donkey, A fishing kit


Allow a young lady to dream big!

When you educate a girl child, you give her the power to change her own life and the lives of her family and community.

Education for Girl

School Supplies

School Lunch

School at Home kit

Playground Toys

Library Books

Adoption of Orphans

3.Orphan Care

By donating orphan care, you can provide the best possible care for a child! For children waiting and recovering after surgery, everything from a haven and nutritional meals to one-on-one attention from a compassionate caregiver provides.

  1. Medical Care

Medical Care is the basic need of today's pandemic conditions if we can somehow help those in need of medical emergency.

5.Girls and Women

Educate and empowergirls and women all around the world!

Job skills training is one of the most helpful tools you can give to a mother struggling to make ends meet. Your contribution to education or vocational training will assist a single mother in achieving long-term financial stability and providing for her children.

Charity Gift Catalog have gifts that are a great way to honor those close to you. You may help deliver tremendous change to the world's most poor and dangerous locations by giving Gifts of Joy like goats, chicks, education for girls, clean water, and emergency aid.