Minding the Store

The company’s chef is apparently experiencing lack of delegating and empowering skills and needs to revise his policy.

The company’s chef is apparently experiencing lack of delegating and empowering skills and needs to revise his policy. I can note that Ken broke such guidelines of empowerment as support, information, confidence, emotional arousal and connection to outcomes. With such poor understanding of empowering principles, Ken might lose a valuable manager and will never reach the desired result of making Ruth’s store one of the best in the system. Moreover, Ruth violated the guidelines of resources and mastery experience and she also needs to revise her management practices.

It is important for managers on all levels of authority to comply with delegation guidelines. Ken has problems with deciding when to delegate tasks. In case of Ruth’s participation in a TV show, Ken could completely rely on her own skills and fully delegate this to her professional behavior. Besides, hiring employees and deciding on the salaries is a responsibility of a store manager and Ken should have delegated this responsibility to Ruth. At the same time, Ruth might have problems with deciding how to delegate. With a lack of experience inside the company, she has probably made a mistake by delegating much too important field of operations to an administrative assistant and not dealing with it on her own. It would be possible to hire a marketing and sales manager instead.

Ken and Ruth should have a long and detailed discussion on Ruth’s responsibilities and her level of authority. The agenda should include discussion of the company’s policies and management practices, a detailed definition of store manager’s authority level, and communication guidelines. Besides, as there was no specific goal stated for Ruth, a SMART objective should be formulated with rules governing its accomplishment at the store management level.

As related to the detected violations and meeting agenda, Ruth should clarify her level of authority in the organization and the generally accepted policies and practices for store managers. Besides, it would be useful for her to find out communication guidelines, as well as instances and ways of necessarily obtained confirmation from the head office. Ken, in turn, needs to ask Ruth about her strategy, plans and personal view of the store’s success. He should also leave space for possible alterations of the previously used policies and Ruth’s initiative in the company.

In my opinion, Ken should provide Ruth more flexibility at work and allow her to follow her own strategy of the store’s promotion. This is especially true as the actions taken by Ruth provide valuable results for the whole company. Some of the traditional practices in the organization can be forgiven and not required from Ruth as a store manager. Ruth, in turn, should demonstrate more interest in the company’s policies and be more attentive to communication with Ken. Some important decisions that could have impact on the entire company should be discussed beforehand with the chief before implementing them. In general, Ruth and Ken’s meeting is a good step in solving the existing problems and it is strongly recommended for enhancing their communication.

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