What and Where is Cash App Routing Number? Explore Here

Cash App aims to offer fast, quick and safe money transfer services. Cash App direct deposit and Cash App card are two primary features of Cash App payment app.

Cash App aims to offer fast, quick and safe money transfer services. Cash App direct deposit and Cash App card are two primary features of Cash App payment app. Especially, the cash app direct deposit feature has drawn tons of appreciation from a large number of employees as it offers safe and fast means to get paid early from employers. All credit for this hassle-free payment service goes to the Cash App routing number. Now if some of you are scratching their head wondering what routing number means on Cash App, this post is for you. So, the biggest question is- What is Cash App routing number? And where can you find it?


As the title of this post reflects, right here in this helping post, we are going to discuss everything about routing numbers that you need to know. So, let's start with basics to make sure no doubt is left in your mind.


Does Cash App have a routing number?

Yes, Cash App does have a routing number. If the truth to be told, Cash App doesn't have its own routing number. The fact is it uses Lincoln Saving Bank's routing number. Let's be more clear. It is worth noting that Lincoln Saving Bank is the bank of the Cash App. This means, Cash App stores its own money in Lincoln Saving Bank. That's why many people call Lincoln Saving as a bank of the Square Cash App. And when it comes to enable Cash App direct deposit users are required to find and share the Lincoln Saving Bank's routing number. But, the amazing fact of the matter is that you can find your routing number on your Cash App itself. Also, you will require finding the Cash App account number and bank address or you can say Lincoln address. Find more information in the next section.


How do I find my routing number on Cash App?

As you are thinking to find your Cash App routing number, chances are high that you want to enable direct deposit on Cash App. If this is really the case, let me clear one important thing. Note that anyone can activate direct deposit service with ease of mind. But, before that you need to be verified Cash App users. Also, you must have an activated Cash App card. These are two mandatory conditions to being eligible for direct deposit. If you can meet these two requirements in advance, then follow the below mentioned steps to find your routing number:

  • Open Cash App on your mobile phone.
  • Now tap the "My Cash" tab available at the far left side corner.
  • From the drop down menu choose "Cash".
  • Now move all the way down and select "Enable Cash App direct deposit".
  • On the next screen, you will find your Cash App routing number.
  • Further, tap the "Get Account" number to find the Cash App bank account number.
  • Finally, to enable the Cash App direct deposit, tap the get direct deposit form.
  • Fill up the form and give it to your employer to complete the formalities.
  • Once the form is submitted, then direct deposit service will be activated.

How do I change my routing number on Cash App?

Be informed that Cash App routing number is a unique identifier. With the help of routing numbers, banks and their branches could be recognized. Where an account holder lives in the US is the single determining factor to fix your routing number. So, if you want to change your routing number, you will have to change your address and give a valid id proof as well. Apart from this, there is no possible way to change Cash App routing number.