Things I Learned From Having Sex with an Escorts Girl

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There was a time not so long ago when fathers asked their young sons to visit high-quality call girls in order to become proficient in lovemaking

There was a time not so long ago when fathers asked their young sons to visit high-quality call girls in order to become proficient in lovemaking.

These Jaisalmer Escorts had a special place in society and they were not looked down upon as they rendered a valuable service to society. I am saying this on a lighter note only as it is inconceivable today to have a father arranging an escort for his own son.

However, what I am trying to convey is the fact that high-end escorts have a much better understanding of various sex positions and sexual pleasures than any ordinary man

who is faithful to his partner. I am going to talk about 5 things that I learned after having sex with an escort girl.

Don’t ask for feedback on your performance

It is the duty of an escort to keep his client happy and satisfied with her performance on the bed and behavior towards him. You can be candid with your spouse and your girlfriend.

In fact, your girlfriend can be brutal at times in her opinion about your performance during a lovemaking session. But it is unlikely that you will get our truth from your escort when you ask her about how good you were on the bed.

She will always praise you for being so good and gentle with her. Even the moans and screams coming out of her mouth are difficult to understand whether they are real or she is pretending to be feeling ecstatic.

Yes, you can look at the facial expressions of the escort when indulging in foreplay or when stroking her clitoris in a bid to excite her. You can also try many different ways to bring sexual pleasure to your escort.

You have paid for her company and she will not object to your advances. This is an advantage that you have when trying new sex positions or acts of foreplay with your escort. But to believe you would get an honest answer to your queries is a bit immature.

Asking for feedback on your performance is like doubting your own abilities. It tells your woman that you are lacking in confidence and want her reassurance that you have been wonderful on the bed.

Find the escort who is a good teacher

You cannot expect to learn new things about Escorts in Jaisalmer from any escort you choose from an escort agency. Not all escorts are good teachers. Most of these girls are not interested in teaching secrets of sex to their customers.

Why would a cal girl take the additional responsibility of explaining sex lessons to a client to increase her workload? If you have a desire to learn new things about sex and lovemaking,

what you should do is to covey this desire through the receptionist at the escort agency to the owner. He would assign you to a girl who is willing to teach you new things about sex.

 Remember that most of the escorts are in this profession for the sake of the easy money that they get for their duties. Of course, there are exceptions and some escorts willingly join this profession as they love to party with different men.

If you are lucky, you may get a girl who is willing to share some sex tips with you. If she is kind-hearted, she will teach you how to give and receive sexual pleasures.

She will also reveal techniques to hold on to your semen for much longer so that you can maximize the pleasure for your partner.

 It is always a good idea to be specific when asking to be assigned to an escort who can be your teacher. If you want to learn more about oral sex, it is better to mention this fact when requesting an escort. In fact,

most escorts are of understanding nature and they respond to your queries if you are a true gentleman to them. However, it is better to ask for an escort who is knowledgeable as otherwise, you will not get true answers from her.

 It is a little difficult to find an escort who is also a good teacher but if you are determined to learn new things about sex, you will surely find a teacher sooner than later.

Being soft and gentle

This is one aspect of lovemaking that I have learned after having sex with anf Escorts Service in Jaisalmer Just because you have a hard erection does not mean you can bring sexual pleasures to your partner by applying a great thrust while penetrating her.

It was my escort who told me to go soft during intercourse as private parts of a female are not designed to take brute force from a man and yet enjoy it.

The greatest lesson to learn for a man is to understand the fact that a woman appreciates your hardness and manliness. But she does not like her partner to use his tool like a jackhammer.

You are allowed to insert every single centimeter of your tool inside the vagina of your partner but her anatomy is a little different from yours. She loves it when you insert the tool completely but in a soft and gentle manner. I have learned this lesson well and now find my girlfriend to be more satisfied with me than ever before.

 If you act wildly with your woman in a bid to impress her with your manliness, it is your mistake. You have seen too much porn to believe women love their men to come hard on them.

Unless the vagina of the woman has been well lubricated, she will experience pain and not a pleasure when you try to force yourself upon her.

Don’t ask if she has reached her orgasm

I must confess that I was wrong in continuously asking my friend if she had cum during lovemaking. My escort told me to refrain from asking this question again and again during a sex session.

It can be very irritating for a woman to be asked about her orgasm which is a very private affair. My escort told me that I will know when my partner has really reached her orgasm as her face and moans will tell the truth.

If she wants to fake an orgasm, she will tell a lie in order to make me happy. In fact, this is what most escorts do to make their clients happy and proud about their performance on the bed.


My escort taught me to stop asking this question time and again if I did not want to irritate a woman. Instead, I should simply watch her facial expressions and body movements to make an intelligent guess about her orgasm.

Some women start to weep when they reach their orgasms while others start to moan loudly. You will know when your partner has reached her orgasm so stop asking her if she has cum or not.

Do not use your tongue too much

Men are so excited that they start to lick every part of the female anatomy with their tongues. It is true that women love it when their partner sucks on their breasts and even

when he is exploring their pussy when they are highly excited and ready for intercourse. But you should not stick out your tongue and insert it inside the ears of your partner.

It irritates her too much as there is no woman on earth who likes to be licked inside her ears. I must confess this fact was revealed to me by my escort and I did not know about it earlier.

 She told me that tongue should be used mostly during kisses and sucking on the nipples of the partner. Of course, there are exceptions, and some women like it when their ass is rimmed by their men. But you know it instantly

when you try licking at the private parts of your woman from her reaction. Use your tongue sparingly and only when you are sure that your partner is wet enough to not object to your advances.

Show your emotions

Until I was told by an escort to show tenderness and care during lovemaking, I was under the impression that women loved their men to be rigid like a rock and never reveal their true emotions. She told me that women respect their partner more

when he is forthcoming in his emotions, especially during a lovemaking session. Yes, you are kind and also respect your woman but she constantly needs to be reminded about this fat. You can easily do it by showing your inner feelings for her.

 My escort said that most of her clients are afraid to show their true faces in front of her. They keep up a brave front all through the sex session and never accept their frailties.

Omen respect their men even if they are fat or unattractive if they possess the qualities of softness, gentleness, and a caring attitude.

She said that Jaisalmer Escorts Service but they need warmth and love even more than sex. Men who learn this secret earn the respect of their partners. They are also able to maximize sexual pleasures for their partners.

 Ask your mate what she wants

Most men are under the impression that kissing, smooching, and penetration for a long time are what all women want from their partners. Of course, all these are an integral parts of lovemaking but a woman needs more than these acts of love.

To know more about what your woman likes from you, you can communicate with her openly before a session of lovemaking. Most women are shy and do not have the courage to say it openly in words.

But you can keep on prodding her by showing how much you love and care for her. You are making a big mistake if you assume you know what it is that she wants from you.

Your partner will love to see you do things that she has told you to bring a lot of sexual pleasure to her. You will be able to give a better performance only when you do the right things during a lovemaking session.

Be romantic even after your climax

This is something that most men need to learn and follow. I was under the impression that I was free to withdraw and start watching TV or do anything I like once I reached my climax. After all, what can I do with limp manhood for a woman?

But I was totally wrong. It is not your rod that your woman is always desirous of. Even she understands you cannot thrust it inside her once you have ejaculated. What she wants from you is a bit of love and affection now that she has given you everything during a session of lovemaking.

Don’t walk away and start to drink your favorite beverage as it hurts the soft emotions of your partner. The least you can do is to come back after cleaning your body and take her in your embrace. Just a few kisses on her face and neck and soft words like I love you are enough to melt the heart of your woman.

 Women need affection more than men and what better than showing your love and care for your partner just when she has engaged in a very satisfying sex session with you.

Most men miss this small point and start with a book or just go to sleep even before she has dressed up properly.

My escort taught me to be a little more caring and be there on the bed with my partner to show her how much I love and care for her.

 These are the 8 most crucial lessons that I have learned after visiting an escort.

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