Learn How to Write an Editorial

Similarly, they should present authentic evidence to build an argument and supporting his claim.

Editorial refers to a leading article that expresses the editor’s ideas by explaining the issue at hand write my essay. A writer can add his opinion in the writing piece only after conducting thorough research.

The authors also need to address the population that is currently facing the issue and discusses the suggested recommendations to deal with the situation. Furthermore, the author must also speak to the government to take appropriate measures if necessary.

Writing an editorial is more or less similar to a research paper.

Types of an Editorial

There are four different types of editorials. Each one serves a unique purpose.

  1.   Explain and Interpret – This format allows the editors to explain how they should tackle and deal with sensitive topics.
  2.       Criticize – Such editorials focus on the problem rather than the solutions.
  3.     Persuade – In this format, a writer proposes a solution by convincing the audience to take suitable actions.
  4.       Praise – It is written to show support towards a notable action of an organization or individual.

How to Write an Editorial?

Editorials are specifically based on the writer’s opinions but it is necessary to provide facts to support it. Follow the important steps given below to craft an impressive editorial.

  1.       Choose A Topic to Grab the Reader’s Attention

Editorials are meant to change the public’s belief about a particular write essay for me. It also encourages them to critically analyze the issues by suggesting a course of action.

Consider the following topics while brainstorming ideas for the topics.

  • It must be something interesting or controversial
  • It should have a current news angle
  • It should serve a purpose.  
  1.       Research and Collect Facts

It is the duty of the writer to find the truth about a particular issue. Thus, conduct thorough research to collect relevant information and facts to support your opinion. However, make sure to use credible and authentic sources.

  1.       Writing the Editorial

Try to keep your editorial short and clear so that the readers read your entire document. Moreover, it should not be longer than 600 to 800 words. Also, do not use fancy language or technical terms.

A good editorial must follow the below-mentioned format.


Always start it with a unique and catchy quote, question or statistic relevant to your topic. Also, present your argument. These techniques will help to grab the reader's attention.


The body paragraphs should explain the issue objectively and unbiasedly. Discuss each and every aspect of your topic by addressing the 5Ws and H that are:

  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Who
  • Why
  • How

A writer should start by mentioning the opinions of the do my paper. He can highlight both the negative and positive aspects as long as they are facts.

The next step is to provide strong evidence to support your stance and arguments. Similarly, you also need to propose a valid and applicable solution.


Conclude your editorial with a powerful and thought-provoking statement. It will help your reader to get a sense of closure and completeness from the ending.

You can follow this simple procedure to learn writing an editorial.

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