What are the Job Opportunities in Data Science?

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The use of data scientists is no longer limited to the information technology sector. Data scientists use data and continue to solve real-world issues in industries such as retail, banking, supply chain, entertainment, and transportation.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about data science careers, and this buzz is not unwarranted. Data science has developed beyond simple analytics and statistics to include judgments, forecasts, and movements that affect the world. The use of data scientists is no longer limited to the information technology sector. Data scientists use data and continue to solve real-world issues in industries such as retail, banking, supply chain, entertainment, and transportation. Given the vast expanse and the relevance of data science in today's world, opportunities in data science are going to grow increasingly.


Data drives business decision-making today. Most corporate operations during the pandemic were relocated to digital platforms, which boosted e-commerce and data volumes. Both small and large firms must process all of this data, develop effective methods for gathering it, and organize and analyze it in order to prepare for potential emergencies. According to Glassdoor, 2021 was to bring forth about 37,000 data science degree jobs. 


Despite the strong growth of opportunities in data science and demand for data scientists, businesses are still looking for qualified candidates. 

Let us highlight a few of the jobs with Data science degree that aspirants can pursue

Jobs with Data Science Degree

Data administrators and architects

Data architects work in close collaboration with data engineers to visualize the data management architecture across the entire enterprise. They focus mostly on comprehending enterprise strategy and the data that must be gathered. They then develop fresh database systems or improve the functionality of current ones. Additionally, data engineers create the infrastructure while data architects create the flows and protocols for data management. By 2030, database administrators and architects might have up to 180,000 jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data architect and administrator positions should be carefully considered by those considering a career in data science.

The average base salary is USD 121,606 per year.

Data Engineer 

Massive amounts of real-time data can be accessed and processed expertly by data engineers. They understand unformatted and unverified data, which is crucial for tech-driven businesses and departments. Maintaining large volumes of data as well as building data pipelines to make data available for further analysis by the data teams are thus daily chores. The infrastructure was made up of data engineers employing programming languages (Python) and sophisticated SQL and NoSQL.


The Base pay on average is USD 92,245 yearly

Data Analyst


Most data scientists begin their careers working as data engineers and analysts. Data generated through the platforms are used immediately by data analysts. This also means that they collaborate with other teams, including those in marketing, sales, customer service, and finance, to handle data. Data analysts use tools for data visualization, such as Tableau and Excel, to clean the data, examine it, and produce reports. This helps teams come up with ideas.

The annual average base salary is USD 62,970 

Data Scientist

Big data analysis is just one aspect of what data scientists do; they also solve actual business issues. The C-Suite depends on data scientists to provide trends, and patterns across data, and provide practical insights and business-impacting initiatives. Strategic business decisions are directly impacted by their insights. The characteristics expected of a data scientist are excellent communicator, business planner, and even sharper analyst and statistician.

The average base salary annually is USD 97,350.

Engineer in Machine Learning

A machine learning engineer combines software engineering with data science in a special way to deal with massive data regularly. In a big consumer-facing structure, both roles could have autonomous duties but yet collaborate. Machine learning professionals with superior software programming abilities are anticipated to be data scientists. To power diverse organizational processes, ML engineers create software, ML models, and artificial intelligence (AI) systems. They often work in senior jobs because being an ML engineer needs years of training and experience.

The annual average base salary is USD112,790

Mathematicians and statisticians

Statisticians analyze trends that inform organizational decision-making and policies in the government, healthcare, and research and development sectors. Large amounts of numerical data are interpreted by mathematicians and statisticians, who also conduct research surveys, use mathematical models to gather data, and present conclusions.

The average base salary yearly is USD93,290 


Business IT Analyst

A business analyst assesses a company's procedures and studies market and industry trends. They are strategists at heart and analysts at heart. Business analysts search for chances to increase company income and growth while processing vast amounts of data. Business intelligence (BI) developers and business consultants are the most often held positions. A BI developer must possess deep knowledge of BI analytical tools and coding abilities to process this data.


The average base salary yearly is USD 70,759 per year 

Managers of Clinical Data

Clinical data managers combine mathematics, programming, computer science, and statistics with healthcare training. Clinical data managers actively assimilate, evaluate, and forecast trends in the medical business, just like professionals in other fields do with data collecting, data governance, and data quality throughout clinical trials and research.

The average base salary yearly is USD 75,562.

Those are the few major opportunities in data science that aspirants can venture into with a data science degree. For individuals seeking science professions, data science is a booming career option with a wide range of job options available. As a result, senior workers with a bachelor's or master's degree in computer engineering may want to think about pursuing a career in data science by upgrading and retraining through online data science programs.