Take Time in Choosing a Table Tennis Racket, It Means a Lot

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If you ask around among table tennis players, they'll tell you that a racket is the most important purchase you'll ever make. It affects your game in more ways than anything else. Rackets include a blade, grip, and table tennis rubbers. As you move to the advanced beginner and intermediate level as a player, you'll learn to take each one of these elements more seriously. You need to make choices about your racket and its parts based on your style of play and the kinds of shots that are most essential to your game. The more you learn about the game, the more options you'll have to consider.

Nearly everyone today gathers information online, and it's no different for table tennis racket shoppers. If you can spend some time at your local ping pong center talking to other players, it's also useful to hear their opinions on the topic. Another important tip is to avoid pre-made rackets – the kind you find most often at big box sports stores. The rubbers on rackets have a lifespan, and you never know how long a pre-made model has been sitting on a shelf. You might be buying it when it's already a year old or more. By that time, the rubber on it is nearing its useful life, which is not a good situation.

Racket and rubber types in table tennis also affect how you put speed and spin on the ball, which are two of the most crucial playing techniques. Speed in table tennis play is a fine line between helping win games and causing out of bounds shots. It's why some players play more defensively and let an opponent make mistakes while they retain greater control of their games. Therefore, as you develop playing skills, make a careful decision about how much speed you want to add to your shots. Focus also on the grip as you're considering which racket to buy. Try playing with several options before deciding.

Once you've settled on a grip and racket blade, then don't overlook the value of carefully selecting your rubbers. Nearly everyone recommends that beginning players start with smooth on both sides. Smooth rubbers are more neutral and don't affect your game the way pimpled rubbers do. When you buy your first real racket, you might initially find it harder to control the ball, mainly if you had been accustomed to playing with cheaper rackets. But as you gain skill, you'll understand how better rackets expand your options as a player and let you take on more formidable opponents, and win.